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About Us


I’m Josh Ensing the co-owner of Horizon window cleaning and have over 4 years of window cleaning experience.  I hold a degree from Grand Valley State University in physical education and sports management.  I have a strong background in the fall protection industry and hold safety as one of the highest priorities for myself and others working with me.  Currently I’m 24 years of age and have been servicing customers’ windows throught West Michigan and the Midwest.

I’m Kurt Lamer the Co-owner of Horizon Window cleaning.  I am 38 years of age and a true veteran in the cleaning business for over 12 years.  I have many cleaning certifications and also hold the national rope works certification (SPRAT).  I was the owner of Aggressive cleaning service until giving it to my wife to run in 2012, so cleaning has been a part of my life for quite some time. My business partner Josh and I believe in providing the best quality service possible.  If you’re looking for cleaning in the Midwest please call us, we know you’ll love our work!



If your looking for personal and professional cleaning, Horizon Window Cleaning is here for you. Servicing residential, commercial and high rise buildings, we have the tools and experience.